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InterFaith Works has a wide range of programs and activities throughout the year, engaging over 5,000 people through our program work and events. Volunteers are invited to attend, support, plan and lead any of our programs and events and related committees. For more information about volunteering for InterFaith Works, please register below and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

To volunteer for any program at InterFaith Works, please contact the agency administrative office at (315) 449-3552 – or connect directly to a program staff member for more volunteer information and opportunities:

Center for New Americans Refugee Resettlement Program
Daryl Files, Volunteer and Donations Coordinator
(315) 474-1261, ext. 208

El-Hindi Center for Dialogue
Gwen Sanders, Administrative Manager
(315) 449-3552, ext. 119

Senior Services Program
Terri Jennings, Senior Services Volunteer Coordinator
(315) 449-3552, ext. 110

Interfaith Initiatives
Rev. Gracious Moyo
(315) 449-3552, ext. 111

Please provide the following information about how you would like to help

Name (First, Last, MI)



Address (Please include City, State and Zip Code)

Program Preferences