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Sometimes, as a second generation American, I forget what this country means to New Americans. I only see Her faults – such as the continued racism manifested in myriad ways in our criminal justice, education, and economic systems. I rail at a bloated dependence on fossil fuels and our unwillingness to join the world community in addressing the global impacts of climate change. I despair at U.S. greed fueling an economic system that is at the root of economic disaster for so many. The list of my criticisms goes on and on, like an adolescent child who can only see her parents’ shortcomings.

But this week I am reminded by seven of our InterFaith Works’ staff members, who have become New Americans in recent years, of all that is good and hopeful and worthy of our praise about the U.S. The opportunity for education, the ability to freely assemble, the right to address our concerns to public officials, the simple act of voting our conscience should not be lost to me.

I encourage you to read and follow this week’s Daily Inspiration (see the link below), written by seven of our staff who share their experience of America with all of us. Our staff is wearing RED, WHITE, and BLUE today (Thursday, July 2nd) in honor of them and of all new Americans today.

May this all-American holiday be a safe and happy one for you and your families.

Happy Birthday USA,

Beth A. Broadway
InterFaith Works of CNY

Follow this link to the Daily Inspiration page on this website.

In the accompanying photo on this page – Hussein Musa, a 2014 InterFaith Leadership Award recipient, was a Center for New Americans client at age 11 when he arrived with his family in Syracuse in 2004, graduated from Nottingham High School this year, and plans to attend college to study criminal justice.

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