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InterFaith Works (IFW) continually seeks to build partnerships that leverage the combined skills, assets, technologies and resources of the public, private and nonprofit sectors to deliver sustainable impact. Such partnerships enable us to achieve more working together than any single entity ever could working alone. We are passionate about working with a variety of partners to make a difference in the lives of people in the Syracuse and Central New York communities. Organizations, individuals and faith communities can partner with IFW in a number of ways, including through our Faith Partner Program, and as co-sponsor of refugee families.

The Faith Partner Program

This growing program seeks to create and maintain a network of faith communities that are supportive of each other, and of IFW’s mission and programs. IFW’s Faith Partner membership is currently composed of 37 congregations, judicatories and other faith community partners throughout Central New York. We encourage each faith partner and prospective partner to engage in healthy internal dialogue about the meaning of interfaith work, and about ways in which they can support and affirm IFW’s mission. In turn, IFW offers its faith partners the following benefits:

  • Access to IFW’s faith community directory, e-list and Community Bulletin Board, enabling Faith Partners to access  information and promote their own programs among more than 400 faith communities throughout Central New York.
  • Access to IFW staff support and technical assistance for programs on such topics as eliminating racism, interfaith dialogues, interfaith chaplaincy, and co-sponsorship of refugee families.
  • First priority at all IFW events, and discounted admission rates to ticketed events such as the Annual Interfaith Leadership Award Dinner and the Racial Justice Award.
  • Participation and leadership in annual IFW events such as the World Interfaith Harmony Assembly, annual IFW conferences, InterFaith Dinner Dialogues, and faith community visits.
  • The opportunity for a faith leader or congregation member to write for the Daily Inspiration column in The Post-Standard and on Syracuse.com, a feature widely read throughout our community, giving visibility to your beliefs, values, and practices.

For more information about the Faith Partner program, contact Daryl Files at (315) 449-3552, ext. 106, or email dfiles@interfaithworkscny.org. 














Co-Sponsor A Refugee Family

IFW invites established local community organizations, church congregations and service agencies to serve as formal co-sponsors for refugee families in Syracuse.

Refugees are people who have fled their homes, farms, businesses and communities to escape war and persecution in their home country. Refugees spend years, sometimes even decades, waiting in refugee camps until they can be resettled to a country like the United States, and a community like Syracuse.

Prior to resettlement, refugees must undergo a series of interviews with the State Department, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security. Refugees are then assigned to national refugee volunteer agencies, such as Episcopal Migration Services and Church World Service. Local resettlement agencies in various cities throughout the U.S. – like the IFW Center for New Americans – work with these national volunteer agencies to receive and resettle refugees at the local level.

As a co-sponsor, your organization formally agrees to offer a refugee individual or family hospitality and friendship, basic resettlement services like orientation to the new environment and culture, help in building language skills and seeking employment. Other basic responsibilities co-sponsors may choose to participate in includes:

  • Meeting the refugee family at the airport upon arrival and providing their first meal.
  • Providing food for the first 30 days, as well as basic household furnishings and clothing.
  • Orienting the family to basic household tasks, including cleaning, use of appliances, utilities, sanitary practices and grocery shopping.
  • Provide transportation to and from critical appointments during the first 90 days after arrival.

For more information about the refugee co-sponsorship program, and about the InterFaith Works Center for New Americans Refugee Resettlement Program, contact Helen Malina, Director of the Center for New Americans, at (315) 474-1261, ext. 205, or email hmalina@interfaithworkscny.org.

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